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Technical Email Support Form

We welcome your technical questions here regarding the use of CocoBase. We recommend the use of this form as it provides all of the relevant information that will assist us in efficiently responding to your request.

Support is available to you if;
1) you are a customer and purchased email support or
2) you are evaluating one of the CocoBase products and within the initial free 30 day use.

Name "First & Last"


Company Name
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Contact Phone
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Are you a customer
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No. I am evaluating CocoBase.
Yes. I have already purchased
CocoBase with Email Support.

If you answered yes please enter your invoice number (it is included with the license key - see file). Enter invoice number:


Is this a new support instance or a follow up to a previous one
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Yes (a new instance)
No ( a follow up to a previous email)

If you answered No please enter the date of the previous email.
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Help us prioritize your request
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ON FIRE - need help with deployed application!
Medium Hot - tight deadline, need immediate response if possible.
Mild - Working with CocoBase and need help.
Casual - Would like a response as you get to it.

Enter your Question and what you are trying to accomplish!
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Enter what you think the problem is and how you might solve it


Describe all of the your relevant tool set here - name of server, jdbc drivers, jde (pls include version #'s


Copy into here your relevant source code and examples :


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