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SimpleText Database
  THOUGHT Inc. has provided a JDBC based flat file database called SimpleText available in Java bytecode and Java source code form. Its level of complexity is comparable to the Text ODBC driver included with Windows. It's based off earlier work from Karl Moss and provides mostly standard SQL functionality. It is sufficiently robust to demonstrate CocoBase as well as prototyping simple applications with.  
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What does it Offer?
The current release of SimpleText is a simple and easy to use JDBC based flat file database that is limited to simple selects (no nested selects or complex joins) and is fairly functional having passed over two-thirds of the JDBC test suite from JavaSoft. The file format is comma delimited and editable in a text editor. SimpleText supports one user at a time and is not threaded. Support is not really solid for binary types, especially when it comes to updating them. Please note complex joins may not generally parse and certainly won't always execute correctly. Source is included so that anyone could make it more robust for their own needs, fairly quickly. It also does not implement any form of login or security at the current time. Anyone wishing to extend the database to provide such features is welcome to work from the current source base included with the system, or the latest versions which will be made available from our website.
Why a Free Database?
When we introduced CocoBase there were no commercially shipping Java Databases. We took the initial work from Karl Moss and extended it to have enough functionality to sufficiently demonstrate CocoBase and its JDBC Object to Relational Mapping capabilities. Since this evolved from a freely available basis, we decided to stay in this spirit and give out our enhancements for free to the Internet community.
What About Support for SimpleText?
We do not support SimpleText as a user product. There are some amazing books available on the subject that will help you. We also send you the source so you can extend it as you need. Our intent is to keep the system completely open and free with source code so others can enjoy the same benefits that we have received from it.
O/R Mapping Java Tools - CocoBase
CocoBase Enterprise O/R

O/R Mapping Optimized for EJB - supports all mappings needed, generates all of your CMP/BMP Entity Bean code, EJB is portable across servers, etc.
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CocoBase WorkGroup O/R...

A Workgroup level Object to Relational Mapping Tool for any Relational Database that includes a RMI based Application Sever with Automatic Caching and Connection Pooling and UML Object Modeling Functionality.
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CocoBase Lite O/R "Professional Edition"..

An Object to Relational Mapping Tool for most Relational Databases that includes UML Object Modeling, comes with source to beans and does PolyMorphism.
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CocoBase Lite O/R .

An Object to Relational Mapping Tool for any Relational Database
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