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"CocoBase® took us from an abstract object model in Rational Rose to concrete Java code in minutes. Their UML / XMI support is outstanding."

Igor Gorbunov, Senior Systems Analyst,


CocoBase Enterprise O/R's UML / XMI support enabled developers to take a complex object model, import it from Rational Rose and automatically generate editable persistence code.

"CocoBase Enterprise O/R offers the most portable and flexible O/R Mapping tool on the market. The UML/XMI modeling tool integration features in CocoBase are great." Igor Gorbunov, Senior Software Engineer. "In just a few minutes, I had a Java application up and working."

Company - is the first vendor to offer web-based management solutions that deliver continuous end-to-end Internet service and availability for eBusinesses. The FrontLine product family, based on Internet technologies, provides discovery, monitoring, diagnosis, notification, and control of problems within and across the extended enterprise. The FrontLine System provides web-based management consoles to visualize and tune an Application Server to best run an application.


B-to-B Software Application Provider

Business and Technical Challenges

To build a system that could visually monitor and manage an application server. This system would require processing continuous, large streams of data, persisting the data, and making it available to the user in real time as well as historically. It is rather complex to build and needs to exhaustively cover all aspects of performance.

Business Challenges:

1) Finish development in a reasonable amount of time meeting budgeted cost forecasts,
2) Create a system that would provide the performance necessary to compete in the market.

Technical Challenges:

1) Easily convert the complex abstract object model into a physical database model and Java implementation,
2) Managing the storing of large volumes in the database and reading the data into the consoles as close to real time as possible. The data latency factor needs to be as close to zero as possible to meet performance and scaling requirements.

In detail, the key areas to cover were data gathering, data persistence and data reporting all in real time and historical. The performance requirements as well as flexibility of managing the data were key to the success of the application. Keeping development costs down was crucial. Typically, building this kind of complex system requires tremendous amounts of database code (one piece of data) and object graph management code (for the overall set of data) which can be an enormous project to complete.

The Solution

Overview - "Real Time Data Acquisition and Reporting Persistence Architecture"

They built a contract for how the data looks in their system, how it relates to other data, etc. This was accomplished using the Rational Rose UML Object Modeling tool. They built a hook into the application server that complies with the contract and gathers information in real time. Then the FrontLine Server sits listening for the transmissions of data according to the contract and persists them into the Cloudscape database. As the data is received it is displayed in the GUI consoles in both real time and historical format. The customer then sets up conditions based upon the data, adjusting parameters on the server to optimally manage the performance of the application running on the server.CocoBase is the persistence layer that manages the intake of the data, where it is stored, persists it to the GUI consoles and optimizes the performance of the data.

They architected the system on a complex XMI driven JSP/Servlet container system to optimize their system's transactional service' performance. It is a scalable Java implementation, standards based XML document format with support for standard Internet and networking protocols.

Originally,'s in-house developers hard coded (i.e. specific database code in the object such as SQL calls, etc.) their own mapping solution by hand. Four months into development, they found that meeting performance requirements for a real-time system as well as making changes to existing code and/or new code proved to be burdensome and inefficient. They needed a dynamic persistence layer in Java that would keep the database specific code out of the objects for the flexibility the system required. CocoBase provided the dynamic mapping technology managing the data persistence so that the development team could focus on the business logic.

The team evaluated all of the O/R Mapping tools available and the only tool that could meet their needs was CocoBase. CocoBase provided the dynamic mapping technology managing the persistence so that the development team could focus on the business logic.

CocoBase Technology Used

Transparent Persistence (i.e. Java Persistence)
JSP / Servlets
XML Data Formats
Dynamic Mapping between JSPs and database tables
Automatic generation of editable persistence code
UML/UMI modeling tool integrations with Rational Rose and Together Control Center

Tools Used

O/R Mapping: CocoBase Enterprise O/R
Application Server: Apache / TomCat
Database: Cloudscape
Modeling Tool: Rational Rose

What They Built with CocoBase Enterprise O/R

They built a management system that provides granular-level measuring and controlling of performance for end-to-end business transactions and processes. Provided is a dashboard gauge like control system, visually representing all of the pertinent operations of an application server in both real time and historical with the ability to setoff events based on specific situations or occurrences.

In other words, an extremely easy to use system for visualizing and managing an application running on an application server.

Using this system the team managing an application can:

  • Visually display business-critical application data so that you can quickly and easily manage your business and business application initiatives more effectively.
  • Make that information accessible via the Web throughout the entire enterprise.
  • Instrument business critical data in rich graphical displays created by the customer.
  • Business critical information can be available in real time, or at intervals defined.
  • Monitor the environment with ability to control it quickly and effortlessly.
  • Have this functionality "Out-of-the-box" minimizing the requirements for programming or costly application development.

The principal components of the Manage.Com performance-management platform Frontline e.M are the Frontline e.M Server, a dedicated Web server that serves as the central logic and data repository; e.Agents, Java-based applets that can be installed on clients and servers throughout the management domain; e.Registry, a Web site that contains updated service logic and agent configuration data; and manageXML, an XML dialect that supports the transport of update and configuration information among the components of the Frontline e.M system.

About CocoBase Enterprise O/R

CocoBase Enterprise O/R, OPTIMIZED for J2EE and J2SE Customer Success, solves the Object to Relational impedance mismatch. It virtually eliminates the need to hand-code database access for EJB and Java Applications. This can directly decrease up to 85% of the cost of database access development for enterprise customers faced with deploying fine-grained (simple to complex) relationships to J2EE (EJB 0/R) or J2SE (Java O/R) Application Servers.

CocoBase's® unique Dynamic Mapping Layer insures that the developer can easily build and deploy applications for optimal scalability, performance with minimal maintenance. The CocoBase® technology is based on landmark patents issued to THOUGHT® Inc. for Repository based Object Mapping. It is the technology and product leader in the Java space. After years of product acceptance and thousands of installation sites, CocoBase® is in a class by itself in terms of delivering Object to Relational Mapping technology.

About THOUGHT Inc.®

THOUGHT Inc. ®, architects of CocoBase® Enterprise O/R, "Dynamic Mapping for the Enterprise®" was formed in 1993, and subsequently revolutionized object to relational mapping technology with landmark solutions and industry leadership. The company supports customers around the world from their affiliate offices in Paris, France, and Florianopolis, Brazil as well as corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA. CocoBase® and THOUGHT Inc. ® are registered trademarks of THOUGHT Inc. ®. CocoBase® technology is based on US patent #5857197. All other trademarks are property of their respective company. More information on THOUGHT Inc. ® can be obtained online at WWW.THOUGHTINC.COM or by calling (415) 836-9199.