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Free Full and Complete Copy of CocoBase Enterprise O/R for Evaluation!

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Request Instructions

1) Please fill in the information on this form.
2) Hit the submit button at the bottom of the form.
3) You will be emailed the download location with a user name and password to retreive software and documentation.

Required Questions

1. Company Name

2. Your Name

3. Your Job Title

4. Your Company Email Address
(important to fill in correctly, this is where the download information will be sent)

5. Your Work Phone Number

6. Size of Development Team

7. Interest Level
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Casual Interest ...
Somewhat serious Inquiry
Currently making decision, please contact now!

8. How did you find out about CocoBase / Thought, Inc.?

Optional Questions

9. If using an Application Server, which one(s) do you expect to use?

BEA Weblogic
Borland Application Server
IBM WebSphere
JBoss (open source)
Macromedia "JRun"
Orion Server
SunOne iPlanet
Sybase EA Server
Other - please specify

10. Which Development Environment(s) do you plan to use or are using?

Borland's JBuilder
IBM's WASD / Eclipse
SunONE Studio "Forte for Java"
Other - please specify

11. Which Modeling Tool(s) do you plan to use or are using?

Embarcadero Describe
Rational Rose
Sybase Power Designer
Together Control Center
Other - please specify

13. Will you be using CocoBase to do:

Entity Beans (cocobase generates)
.Session Beans (cocobase generates)
Servlets (preset cocobase examples)
JSPs (cocobase generates)
.Java Classes / Applications (cocobase generates)
.Dynamc Transparent Persistence (no cocobase code in object)
Other - please specify

14. What are the key issues you want CocoBase to address?


15. Do you have an approved budget for this tool?
Yes... No


Thank you, Thought Inc.